Seafood in Ruifang Taiwan  

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Last September I went back to Taiwan on a "company" trip. Part of our meetings involved a team building trip to Ruifang, the gold museum and some fresh seafood. Some of the highlights of the meal included knowing that these funny looking Squid (actually cuttlefish)were soon to be my dinner. (I really don't care for live squid/cuttlefish at all thank you very much.)

The cuttlefish sashimi was about as good as it gets. And fresh... forget about it!

We also had shrimp, fresh fish and some super tasting clams. The bamboo with mayonnaise, well trust me you just have to try it. And fresh morning glory. I can't even begin to describe fresh veggies in Asia. Back in the States, we kill veg. I am just sayin'

we had some grubbing crab and rather than be behind the camera here I am eating!

I can't give a detailed description of the meal, but I just found these shots and thought you might enjoy them anyway!


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