A bowl of Mee Suah and some wings please  

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My third day in Penang, I was still not sated, but starting to get full. On the advice of another co-worker Margaret, who like almost every Penangite I have met is a true foodie...(oh by the way is it Penangite, Penangian, Penanger????), I went to dinner at Song River on Gurney. Originally I had in mind a bit of the Kung Pao I crave, but saw a bowl of Mee Suah, with crab and the simple soupy dish won the day.

The noodles were great, a nice chicken flavored broth with good size hunks of crab. I tend to shy away from crab in many places because growing up in Oregon, there is little in my mind that can beat the freshness and taste of Dungeness Crab. Besides, crab improperly kept in tropical countries, not pretty for the digestive system. But, Song River is a busy place, lots of turn over and this is Penang where seafood is part of the culture. So, crab it was. And I was happy. Big hunks of crab, fresh and briny, a very light crab flavor not so much as to overpower the noodles or the broth. A perfect dish before a early night to bed.

Also on Margaret's recommendation was the BBQ wings. The uncle cooking the wings was as nice a guy as I have seen. He let me sit and watch him do his thing, and when the thunderstorm started rolling in he helped me move inside out of the rain and wind.

I am not sure what kind of a sauce was used on the wings, maybe a soy marinade, but they were perfect. I could have eaten many of these little wings and I see a need to get Jeff up here to taste these so we can replicate them at home!

I only had one more day of food (oh yeah and work in Penang) so it was off for a quick massage at the hotel and to bed early in order to head into work and an early breakfast of Mee Suah (a different type) with Esther the next day.


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