Hokkien Food at Ang Huay Loh  

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For the last day in Penang, the office crew took me to Ang Huay Loh, a little makkan place next door to the State Chinese Association. My awesome co-workers (can I say again how much fun they were?) took me there, only to find out that members of Esther's family are the owners of this little gem. Her Aunt and Uncle have created one of my most memorable meals in Penang.

First we started off with some prawn fritters. How awesome do these look? They were breaded in a very nice, sort of sweet breading and deep fried right into my heart.

Deep Fried Yum.

Margaret took the lead and ordered for us, so we had more than enough to eat.

We had fresh veggies in Oyster sauce. Crisp and delish.

We also had traditional Hokkien Noodles

And Glass Noodles

And Tofu

And traditional Chinese Herbal tea to wash it all down.

I really need to start working on my food based adjectives cause all I can say was this was wonderful.

Thanks to the team in Penang (sorry the shot is a bit blurry) for making my 3 day trip memorable and full!


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