Kuey Teow in Penang  

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Penang is supposed to be a city of food. Hard to tell when you are alone and not particularly famished. So yesterday was a day of comparisons.

Two versions of the ubiquitous Char Kuey Teow. First, a stall off of Gurney Road.

Noodles were soft and moist, but bit bland. Veggies had good flavor. Shrimp (only one) was not the freshest. But all in all, better than the second of the day. Zealand Resturant. RM 7 for a plate of noodles and a coke.

Second in time and in flavor

Noodles were dry, smaller portion than lunch at Gurney and while the seafood was fresher, it was pretty unispirational overall. Located at the Esplanade Food Court. Beer was cold and tasted good. View was great. RM 11 for the beer. RM 3.50 for the noodles.


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