Sushi-Tei Holland Village  

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Sushi-Tei, Singapore-Holland Village. Peruse the international magazine/newspaper stands nearby, then, good sushi, decent price, LOBSTER TANK IN YOUR FACE. Very soothing.

Here, we ordered the Dragon Roll, a huge elongated tenpura prawn (head and tail also on plate), wrapped with avacodo, rice, and a touch of mayonaise. Sorry we scarfed it before we could take pix of whole thing. After some house cold sake, I decided to examine the insides of the head for potential Nirvana - possibly the Curt Cobain variety. Most Asians lock their lips over the head/carcass and vacum out anything that comes out - while I've usually dismissed this.

Today, was a "when in Rome" day. Per pix, looking down into the huge head, I saw some appealing bits of white meat, plus some very orange viscous soft bits, that I assume were the lungs(?). I picked out everything plausible I could with chopstick, took a courage boosting sake shot, and onto the tongue. The white meat was especially tender and delicious, and the orange globs were sublime, very rich fresh intense prawny flavor - I'll never skip this Nirvana again!

A word about the house cold sake. Its only $6.80 per mini-jar and quite good. You MUST insist on this expertly crafted very Japanese handy wooden icewater bath chiller for your investment. You deserve NO LESS!

Stay tuned for picture of Lobster Tank.


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