Penang Chicken Rice  

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It all started with this post on Eating Asia. Now I had to try it. Eating Asia is one of my favorite food blogs, great pictures and compelling stories. It is more than a simple food blog, it is a celebration.

So, knowing I was going to be in Penang, I set a mission to try this Chicken Rice. Now after living in Singapore for 5 years I have become a fan of the simple dish of Chicken Rice, it is the soup, it is the rice cooking in chicken broth, it is the simple juicy tender chicken. Nothing fancy, simple honest food.

When I got to the office we started talking about food and I mentioned the site that I had seen and mentioned the Chicken Rice stall. At first my co-workers were skeptical, there were a lot of good Chicken Rice places in town, what made this one special? So we opened the website, they recognized the Aunty running the stall and a date for lunch was set.

So the next day, after a morning of trainings, we all packed into the car for the short drive down the Kafe Khen Ping (80-82 Jalan Penang, Georgetown). There were lots of other dishes I need to do posts about, the Chicken Rice was the reason we were there however. So, to report. The Chicken was excellent, tender and juicy full of real chickeny flavor. The rice was very good, but frankly I have had better and the soup was simple, clean and delicious. I loved the whole experience, the chicken was the star of the show and I will be back next time I am in Penang. I would give it a 4 out of 5 stars if I was a ranking kind of gal.


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